Evidence I, 2022
Acetone transfer of laserprints on drawing paper mounted on wood with 3D printed objects, aluminium frame, 120 x 84 cm

Evidence II, 2022
Acetone transfer of laserprints on drawing paper mounted on wood with 3D printed objects, resin sculpture, aluminium frame, 120 x 84 cm

The two-part assemblage work was created from a collection of photographs taken during a family vacation when I was 15 years old. These photos show the consumption of beauty products by my mother and myself, documented by my father, who criticized our consumption. The intention behind these images is not directly visible.
„Evidence“ embodies a reflection on personal, social and cultural aspects of patriarchal structures as well as female identity. The work reminds us to reflect on the subtle backgrounds of images, memories and the influence of norms on the individual self.

„Evidence I“, „Evidence II“, 2022, series of assemblage works
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Currently based in: Marburg & Munich, Germany

Gina Bolle is a German artist and photographer. Her work deals with the dynamics of control and systematic oppression in intimate and public spaces. She is particularly interested in the impact that collective memory has on our society today. In her images, multimedia installations and assemblages, she questions the influence of modern visual image culture. She holds a Master of Arts from ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne.

Innovate Grant 2023: Honorable Mention — Art

On view:
24.11. – 14.12.23: Binding Knots, Solo-exhibition at dkp / Spülraum in Lucerne, Switerland

Exhibitions & Awards:
dkp / Spülraum, Lucerne, Switzerland; BØWIE Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland; MiM, Munich, Germany; Das Zwo, Munich, Germany; Ballinstadt Museum, Hamburg, Germany;
Nominated for Kunstförderpreis at Aichacher Kunstverein; Innovate Grant 2023, Honorable Mention; Shortlisted for Athens Photofestival 2022, Greece; Winner Belfast Photofestival category „Photobook“ for „377. Inside India’s Queer Community“, Ireland; VG Bildkunst, Neustart Kultur, Scholarship Programme 2021

Photography clients & publications:
ZDF Deutschland, Münchener Biennale, Kammerspiele München, ZEIT Verlag, BISS Magazin, DER SPIEGEL, Spiegel Online, PlanTreff, Stadt München, Buero Aha, GEO Wissen, Focus Magazin, Goethe Institut, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin Online,, klimaherbst e.V., muehlhausmoers, Aktion Mensch, Sozialcourage by Caritas, Herburg Weiland, Joblinge gAG amongst others


Hi:   +49 162 268 73 40

Instagram: @gina_bolle

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