As soon as the sun goes down, in New Delhi, the capital of India, you hardly see any women walking through the alleys. Not even on buses or in public places.
The fear of experiencing a sexualised assault dominates the minds of many, especially young women.
Not without reason: The number of violent crimes against them is increasing. Particularly brutal rapes and murders are reported in the media.
Rachel Bali knows this thought. She has mixed it up with a feeling of disappointment.
Because she thinks the Indian government’s handling of this problem is wrong.
It is not only a matter of ensuring greater security through the police or the judiciary.

Rachel wants more women to walk the streets at night. To become visible.
With her campaign „#IWillGoOut“, the 27-year-old from New Delhi has started to promote this.

Authors: Stefanie Witterauf and Maria Christoph
New Delhi, December 2019

Portrait of Rachel Bali
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