Thomas Mandl, founder of the One World Flag photographed for Wunder Journal.

„Our blue planet, the only real spaceship we have in this vast universe, is in danger.
We, the human family, need to act as one to secure a future for our generation and the ones to come. It is clear that we have to change how we treat our planet in order to prevent increasing and intensifying resource and humanitarian crises.
Climate change is something no single nation nor region can solve alone, threatening everyone equally; regardless of whether we live in Amsterdam or Lagos. What we need is unity in the human family, and this unity on Earth needs a symbol; something we can display to demonstrate our commitment to our planet, a symbol that gives a sense of belonging and hope. A flag, an Earth flag, a Blue Planet flag… a One World Flag.“ – Thomas Mandl

Publication: Wunder Journal, 2020
Publisher: Oliver Tippl


Portrait of Thomas Mandl for Wunder Journal
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